Get In There!!!

Once again we have done it!! For the second year running we have broke the 50k mark we set at the beginning of the last financial year. Over the last 12 months we have raised a massive £52,102.04 for Leigh Centurions.

At Half time on Sunday SuperLeigh Manager Christine Brown and Assistant Manager Jonathan Simpkin Presented Leigh Centurions CEO Matthew Chantler with a cheque representing our donation. Matthew commented ‘On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank all of the lottery staff, agents and members for their hard work and support over the last twelve months that has resulted in such a significant donation to the Club.  It is a testament to their hard work and the members loyalty that the figure is a significant increase on last year and continues to increase. The donation really does help the Club and every pound matters. Thank you for your support!
As an organisation we are immensely proud of this amount and dedicate it to our amazing agents and loyal members, without whom we would not be able to raise these fantastic amounts. We are continually bringing in new members and welcome anyone wishing to join with open arms.
If you wish to join you can call Christine or Johnny on 01942 487892 email or text JOIN to 07715211087