SuperLeigh would like to urge all Leigh Centurions fans and the local community to get on board with us and help ensure the future of our club is bright.

Over the last 5 seasons, by virtue of the support of our valued membership base and our regular fundraising events, we have donated over a quarter of a million pounds to the club, contributing to not only the club’s day to day running costs but also other aspects of their daily and weekly activities, whilst also enabling SuperLeigh to work with local community groups, projects and charities, all in the name of promoting Leigh Centurions.

In light of recent events affecting the club’s financial situation, we are issuing a rally call to urge anyone who isn’t currently a member to come on board and help us help our club, while also inviting existing members to increase their current membership if they so wish. As well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing your part in ensuring a bright future for our club, you can also give yourself a chance to win £1,000 every week as well as numerous runners up prizes, with all the profit that we make each week donated to Leigh Centurions, ensuring the continuous growth of Rugby League within our community.

As we’re sure you know at the moment every penny counts and is vital toward keeping our club functioning on a week to week basis.

SuperLeigh Manager Christine Brown commented “To show our commitment to the cause, Assistant Manager Johnny Simpkin, myself and the rest of our staff will be doubling our membership starting with this week’s draw. We are determined to move this forward, especially as the money we donate each year is equivalent to a quarter of the funding the club may potentially receive from the RFL next season! We are very proud of the financial contribution that we have made towards our club over the years and we would hope that our supporters will join us in aiding the fundraising efforts of not only ourselves but also Leigh Independent Supporters Association, who have also raised considerable amounts of money for our club over the years.”

Membership costs from just £1 per week and can be paid via a door-to-door agent or by standing order. Joining could not be simpler, you can either….

Call – 01942 487892

Email – info@superleigh.com

Or Click Here