Week 13 Jackpot Winners

A Massive congratulations to Week 13 Jackpot winners Leigh East!! The club collectively have been members of SuperLeigh since its inception and have loyally stayed with us through the years. SuperLeigh co-manager Johny Simpkin said ‘It’s a massive pleasure for me personally to present this cheque to Leigh East having been briefly played for the club in my younger years and also the fact that SuperLeigh’s mantra is to, alongside Leigh Leopards promote the growth of Rugby League at all levels within our community. It’s a special club and the work they do with children of all ages is nothing short of amazing. We wish them all the best in the future’ Johnny along with Co-Manager Natasha Brown visited chairman Dave Coyle and some of the Junior section Players to present them with a cheque for £1,000.00.

If you wish, as an organisation to join SuperLeigh give us a call to discuss the benefits of doing so on 01942 487892 or as an individual you can join us by visiting www.superleigh.com and click the Join Now button.