Returning Statement and Week 26 Results

In relation to the delay of posting results from Friday’s draw SuperLeigh have issued the following statement.

During the past 6 months, both ourselves and our associates at Lancashire County Cricket Club (LCCCDA) have been on furlough and therefore unable to conduct any lottery work.

We at SuperLeigh have been back in the office since early September, working hard to make preparations with our members and agents to ensure that we would be able to resume our weekly draw as of Friday 18th September, whilst maintaining our commitment to raise as much money as possible for Leigh Centurions. In the absence of any Betfred Championship fixtures, this income is vital for the club and it is to the great credit of our members and agents that, in addition to donating £3,600 of ‘lockdown donations’, the first week of the draw’s resumption has seen our weekly fundraising match that of pre-lockdown levels.

Having been blown away by the positive response and efforts of our members and agents, it is unfortunate that LCCCDA have been unable to match these levels as they have been unable to access their offices due to ongoing cricket fixtures at Old Trafford, resulting in being unable to match their share of the prize pot. As such, LCCCDA took the decision to run with a reduced total prize pot of £1,000 for week 26, amounting to a single £500 jackpot winner and a further five £100 prizes.

LCCCDA have given us assurances that the total prize pot will rise toward the previous amount of £1,850 over the next few weeks as their agents return to work. Should this fail to happen then we will need to make further decisions with our members and Leigh Centurions being at the forefront of any actions we make.

Anyone wishing to join SuperLeigh and support Leigh Centurions can do so by visiting, call Christine or Johnny on 01942 487892 or speak to your local agent.

Christine Brown
Lottery Manager

Results Delay: Week 26

Thank you to all of our members and agents for your invaluable support and patience over the last 6 months.

We are looking forward to bringing you the first post-lockdown winners list, but please note that, owing to a delay with our partners at Lancashire County Cricket Club, this list may not be available until early next week.

SuperLeigh Statement

As most of our members and supporters of Leigh Centurions will be aware SuperLeigh and the weekly draw was suspended in March of this year due to the Covid19 pandemic. It has been a difficult time for many businesses and likewise for us. We would like to make public our thanks and gratitude to Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont who’s help and advice has enabled us to come through this difficult time in better shape than we could have imagined. Also to Simon Toon and Leigh Sports Village Company who’s diligence and hard work behind the scenes has provided a smooth and efficient return to work.

The draw will resume on the 18th September and we are looking forward firstly to the chance to re-engage with our members but also to the challenge of being able to steer SuperLeigh into the future and once again play our part in the advancement of Leigh Centurions. We are under no illusion what lies in front of us will be difficult but we are ready and willing to do whatever we can to support Derek and Head coach John Duffy mould Leigh Centurions into the Super League side we know that they are.

The part that you, the supporters play in this will be paramount this year and that has been shown by the numbers of you donating your season ticket money to the club. This has also been reflected by SuperLeigh members who have also done the same with their subscriptions, and it is due to this that we can announce that even though we have been in lock down we are able to donate £3,600 to Leigh Centurions.


2 years ago we launched our Go-Cardless feature making it easier than ever to subscribe to SuperLeigh via Direct Debit. Due to the number of members joining this way we have generated over £7,000 during this time. Anyone wishing to join us this way can do so by simply visiting Penultimately, a mention to our agents. The dedication, patience and commitment they have shown over the past few months has been a massive source of inspiration to us all and is something that will drive us forward.

Finally, a message to all supporters of Leigh Centurions. Please, please, please get behind John and the lads in any way you can. Be that by purchasing tickets, season tickets, merchandise or by joining SuperLeigh or LISA. Be safe in the knowledge that together we are stronger.

Yours Faithfully
Christine Brown
SuperLeigh Manager